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Re: Another comment/addition on callout requirements

2002-03-03 00:01:22


> As I am a newcomer to the OPES effort, [...]

Welcome :)

> The requirement that I wish to add is that the OPES engine will
> have an automatic (plug&play) mechanism, in the style of the DHCP
> but with restrict requirements on security and authorization, to
> identify a new callout server (both regular or SP callout server)
> in its network domain, and register it with  a unique service
> identifier (if allowed - maybe in the simple case using a configured
> symmetric key).

Service/Server description, discovery, and registration is a separate functionality. While it certainly is an important and interesting area and should be mentioned in the overall architecture/scenario document(s), the requirements and the development of such is not in scope of the current OPES charter.

You might also want to check activities going on in the 'webi' group. The 'webi' charter has a work item on "intermediary discovery and description mechanism", which seems somehow related (although my understanding is that the group is currently focusing on the 'resource update protocol'). Mark and Ian certainly can jump in here :)


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