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Re: comments on draft-dracinschi-opes-callout-requirements-00.txt

2002-03-06 01:11:27

On Tue, Mar 05, 2002 at 10:50:36PM -0700, The Purple Streak (Hilarie Orman) 
If I want a callout server to execute a specific service on a
certain message, I need a way to tell the callout server which
service to execute (i.e. I need to indicate the specific service
to be executed in an unequivocal way). That's what the paragraph
meant to be about.

Then this is in the context of an intermediary to callout server
request or initialization of some kind.  Still, local translation
tables seem perfectly suitable, unless there are unexpressed
requirements for both a global naming scheme and some kind of
service discovery on the global names.

Perhaps URIs could be used; one to identify the service type (but not
locate an instance of it), one to locate an instance. This is similar
to the problem of identifying and locating a Web Service with SOAP.

Mark Nottingham