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Transcoding Deployment Scenarios

2002-03-20 12:29:53

with regards to draft-mchenry-opes-deployment-scenarios-00.txt:

In the Content Adaptation for Alternate Web Access Services section (2.4.1),
don't forget that streaming media has the same issues as images.  At a high
level, I would suggest adding the following items:

 - Conversion of audio formats
 - Conversion of video formats
 - Text to audio conversion
 - Conversion of transport type


Audio format conversion: RealAudio to GSM (content network to cell phone)

Video format conversion: MPEG 7 to MPEG 2

Text to audio conversion: <actually, makes as much sense as audio to text,
i.e. sounds more like an application-level conversion>

Conversion of transport type: MS-GSM (block fetch over http) to G.729.1
(stream format over RTP)

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