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Personalization BOF planning meeting Thursday 12:00

2002-03-20 11:58:54
Hi all,

For anyone  interested in Personalization please join a quick meeting to
plan a Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF) on Personalization services (for the next
IETF meeting).

The OPES charter is very tightly constrained, and will not address
personalization of services anytime soon, so a separate BOF may be the
best way to go.  Are you interested?

Time: 12:00 - 1:00 
Location: "Conrad D" meeting room, second floor in Hilton.  Go down the
escalator from the main IETF area, turn right and go through glass doors,
then left in the hall to two pairs of wooden doors with a sign for the
Conrad meeting rooms.  Inside the wooden doors, "D" is first on the right.

If you are interested in supporting a BOF but cannot join the meeting,
please respond to me or the PCS list.


Paul Knight 
Content Networking & VPNs 
Nortel Networks Strategic Standards
978-288-6414  ESN 248-6414 

The world is a jungle in general, and the networking game contributes many
animals.  - RFC 826

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