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Re: Open source: ICAP, IRML, Proxylets

2002-03-25 03:39:36


This is great. Can you confirm that you implemented icap 1.0 and not 0.95? (It is not clear from the pages I read though the description of icap appears similar to that in the 1.0 spec).


At 12:48 22/03/2002, Geetha Manjunath wrote:

Hello Everybody!

I am pleased to announce the open source release of an ICAP framework
which includes:
    * An ICAP server
    * An IRML parser
    * The Proxylet API
    * Squid based ICAP client.
    * Sample Proxylets (for translating from English to French,
inserting a banner for Webpages,etc)

The ICAP server, the IRML parser and proxylets are based on Python. The
Squid ICAP client is available as a patch to Squid-2.4.STABLE2
(   It has been well   tested on a RedHat
Linux 7.1 on i586 and it works!

I invite people to download, try out, give feedback and even participate
in future development. Since it is based on Python, it helps in quickly
trying out changes to the protocol with sample apps., etc..

This project was initially undertaken as a part of  the Ubiquitous
Computing actvities in Hewlett Packard Labs and is now a registered
project under SourceForge. It is based on IETF drafts that were
available around Oct/Nov 2001.  So, may need some updates now..

More info about the project at:
Download from

Hope this helps!

Technical Architect,
Hewlett Packard India Software Operations, Ltd
PS:  Members of  ICAP discussion group kindly pardon me for this repost!

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