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RE: Tracing Draft version-05042003

2003-05-08 19:09:22

If OPES is not friendly to caching, I see it as being fatally crippled.


 On Thu, 8 May 2003, Abbie Barbir wrote:

 > on the proxy issue, I will add proper text and resubmit.

 Please do NOT without further discussion! Application caching is out
 of OPES scope. If we assume HTTP is being adapted, then HTTP already
 has all necessary mechanisms that servers can use to get "all
 requests", even if their responses are cachable. OPES has nothing to
 do with this. We can explicitly say that OPES is not concerned with
 application caching if we want to.


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 > > I see a couple of problems that need discussion.  The main
 > > one is the caching proxy issue.  If OPES is deployed on a
 > > caching proxy, near the "consumer" end user, then the content
 > > provider endpoint will not receive a request for each use of
 > > the data.  The draft seems to ignore this.  I think the
 > > server must be provided with a signalling capability to ask
 > > that some notification of the request and the possibility of
 > > OPES services be sent on each use of cached data.

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