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RE: OCP Core version head_sid8 available

2003-05-30 01:15:53


while reading I only found two things:

- Section 3.1: comment for named-parameters says "comma separated"
- Section 8.16: data-need message has no abbreviation

And two questions regarding abbreviations:

- How do you pick upper- and lowercase characters for the abbreviations?
Often it looks like you use lowercase if it is a second char from the same 
word, as in DEd for data-end.
But this "rule" does not match for data-pause (DPE), data-paused (DPD) and 
data-ack (DAK)

- And why has data-have a two character abbreviation (DH) but data-end has 
three characters (DEd)?


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From: Alex Rousskov [mailto:rousskov(_at_)measurement-factory(_dot_)com]
Sent: Thursday, May 29, 2003 4:33 AM
Subject: OCP Core version head_sid8 available

The [major] change log is quoted below. The latest snapshot, including
XML sources for those doing hands-on modifications, is available at

Please continue to comment and work on the to-do list. Personally, I
plan to add negotiation-specific messages next, based on a summary
posted to this list two weeks or so ago.

Thank you,


-------------- change log ----------------


  *  Added structure and list values to ABNF syntax.

  *  Messages with multiple equally-named parameters are
     semantically invalid.

  *  Added types for message parameters.

  *  Started replacing complicated, error-prone, and probably mostly
     useless "modified" parameter with a clear and simple "as-is"

  *  Converted parameter descriptions from list items to

  *  OCP syntax requires one or two character lookups to determine
     the next message part. Fixed a comment for implementors saying
     that one lookup is always sufficient.

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