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RE: RC2 Licensing

1997-04-15 21:02:43
"Jeff" == Jeff Smith <jeff(_at_)tumbleweed(_dot_)com> writes:

    Jeff> I would like to know what the licensing fee will be after
    Jeff> RC2 has been accepted as a standard compression algorithm
    Jeff> for the S/MIME standard.

NO! "If" - NOT "after"!

I am STRONGLY against making a non-free algorithm part of the
standard. I'm 100% OPPOSED to making it a required standard.

In the world where crypto algorithms are in abundance, it is
unwise to follow a proprietary lock-in road... There is zero
technical justification.

    Jeff> By analogy, although this is not an officially sanctioned
    Jeff> standard, PDF is an open trade mark -- Adobe does not own
    Jeff> it; they only own the mark for Acrobat.  And Adobe changed
    Jeff> the Acrobat PDF format in the 1.2 version to remove any
    Jeff> proprietary compression algorithms.

And there already are free PDF viewers and writers - so PDF has
pretty good chance to conquer the Net.

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