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RE: Alternative symmetric algorithm freely availableforIETFS/MIME (re: RC2 licensing).

1997-04-17 23:12:04

On Thu, 17 Apr 1997, Blake Ramsdell wrote:

Yes, I understand that two *particular* implementations can
interoperate.  But can *any* two implementations interoperate?  No.
Because of US export regulation, you can't possibly answer that question
yes, because there will be a vendor that does not implement the
export-only algorithm unless that algorithm is labeled MUST.

It would be ridiculous for me to say that you had no interoperability at
all -- there is always "identity" interoperability with your own product
(I hope!).  I'm sorry if my language wasn't precise.  Of course, I may
have been trying to be ridiculous also -- it happens :).

I still don't agree with you. If the IETF specifies (say) Triple-DES as a 
MUST algorithm, then *any* two implementations would be able to 
interoperate. It's just not the case that there would be any US 
exportable implementations of S/MIME. Thus, there would be no reason for 
a sending implementation to use an export-only algorithm.