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Re: The RC2 debate

1997-04-23 11:51:37
I don't believe it's possible that RSA can both assert RC2 as a trade 
secret and have it considered in an IETF standard.

Section 10.2 is RFC 2026 is clear and unambiguous to me. However, another
section of RFC 2026 also seems relevant. Paragraph 5 of section 10.3 is
even clearer and more unambiguous: 

   5. The contribuitor, the organization (if any) he represents and the
      owners of any proprietary rights in the contribution, agree that
      no information in the contribution is confidential and that the
      ISOC and its affiliated organizations may freely disclose any
      information in the contribution.

As far as I can see, this absolutely decides the issue. For RC2 to be
considered, RSA must agree that it is not confidential. Can there be any
other interpretation? 


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