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Re: The RC2 debate

1997-04-22 15:39:54
Do a DejaNews search for the subject "Specification for Ron Rivests Cipher 
No.2" (I didn't call it RC2 :-) posted to sci.crypt on 11 Feb 1996, 
message-ID <4fk39f$f70(_at_)net(_dot_)auckland(_dot_)ac(_dot_)nz>.  This has 
also ended up on a 
number of FTP sites, and I've seen it on at least one CDROM archive.  
I assume that's enough to qualify it as "widely published".

No, I don't think so.  Neither random FTP sites nor a CDROM archive give 
me any confidence that the specification will be widely available for a 
reasonable amount of time. 


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