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Re: The RC2 debate

1997-04-21 13:42:41

It seems pretty clear to me.   Both Jeff Schiller and Keith Moore have 
stated categorically that RC2, because of its "trade secret" status is not 
an acceptible algorithm for an IETF standards track document.   They get 
to decide on that particular issue.   I am fully in agreement with them on 
this issue.

Given a willingness to move ahead, the 5 options listed by Ned are now 
reduced to two options: 

(1) Drop any trade secret claims for the algorithms used in S/MIME.

(2) Completely remove them from the S/MIME standard-to-be. It isn't a 
    question of whether or not it can be required -- in point of fact 
    you cannot mention these algorithms at all.

The ball is clearly in RSA's court.   Will you or will you not relinquish 
the trade secret status on RC2.   The only possible answers to this 
question are "YES" or "NO".   If the answer is no, then it cannot be 
included in an IETF standards track document.   Once we hear officially 
from RSA on this issue, we can proceed.

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