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RE: Restarting the 40-bit debate

1997-05-07 15:55:14
On Wednesday, May 07, 1997 3:34 PM, Lindsay Mathieson
[SMTP:bpc(_at_)blackpaw(_dot_)com] wrote:
I'm afraid what does tend to tick me off, is the assumption that the
interests of US companies are the same as everybody else's - "Whats good for
America is good for the rest of the world ..."

The only thing that I'm doing is recommending that the IETF standard
support a 40-bit algorithm in addition to a strong cryptographic
algorithm.  Nobody said that it was good for anyone except for US
for-profit software companies that implement S/MIME in exportable
products.  The only reason for pushing the issue is that I believe that
a large enough group of people are interested in this feature to make it
important to implement, and I don't believe that it hurts anyone if
implemented and used properly, which seems like it would be a no-brainer
to put in the spec.

I'm certainly not trying to make some political statement about "America
is superior to all other countries" -- certainly in the international
cryptographic game we're not.