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RRC.2 description missing from DejaNews

1997-05-11 19:40:21
A few weeks ago, Peter Gutmann wrote:

Do a DejaNews search for the subject "Specification for Ron Rivests Cipher 
No.2" (I didn't call it RC2 :-) posted to sci.crypt on 11 Feb 1996, 
message-ID <4fk39f$f70(_at_)net(_dot_)auckland(_dot_)ac(_dot_)nz>.  

Last night, I decided to look at the rrc#2 algorithm in detail.
So I searched back through my personal ietf-smime mailing list archives
and found Peter's note, a portion of which is quoted above.
I then went to DejaNews to search for the aforementioned articles.

Neither article is there.  The followups are there, but not
the original articles.  I tried searching AltaVista also, but
didn't find the articles there either.

I leave it to list members to form their own conclusions.


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