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false alarm: dejanews has it after all

1997-05-11 23:00:42
Blake Ramsdell sent me private mail indicating that he found the
alleged rrc#2 source code on dejanews without any problem.
Silly me; since I had the message-id of the article I was
looking for, I assumed I could search for the article by message-id.
When I tried that, I found only the followups.  But as Blake
pointed out, clicking on the subject field of any of the message
goes to the entire thread, and the message I was looking for
was at the head of that thread.  I hadn't tried that.

Apparently DejaNews indexes articles by References, but not
by Message-Id.

I apologize for the false alarm and for jumping to the wrong conclusion.


(who is going on a badly needed vacation on Tuesday)

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