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Re: Mime types and parameters for certs-only message

1997-05-12 13:52:30
At 12:08 PM -0700 5/12/97, Graham Finlayson wrote:
Does this require a new mime type, (eg pkcs7-publish-request), or could
this be embedded in the smime-type parameter proposed above. If it is to be
embedded in a smime-type parameter, then certs-only is not specific enough.

I can see two possible solutions here:

a) smime-type=certs-only; cert-type={ publish | pksc10-response }

b) smime-type={ certs-only | cert-publish | pkcs10-response }

Of these two, I prefer (a), because it simplifies the decision process for
the sending agent who may not know why it is sending the cert. Also, (a)
would scale for the same kinds of responses information in non-S/MIME

--Paul E. Hoffman, Director
--Internet Mail Consortium

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