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Re: pkcs7-md5 and pkcs7-sha1 micalg values

1997-06-02 10:22:37
After reviewing the draft informational rfc for PKCS #7 at, I believe...

Keeping future S/MIME digest algorithms with the "pkcs7-" prefix is fine, but
will PKCS #7 undergo any changes to allow for additional... 

1. Public-Key algorithms, (elliptic curve, DSA-ElGamal,...) or will S/MIME be 
RSA (asymmetric) forever?

2. ContentEncryptionAlgorithmIdentifier ::=  "for EP2 / as well as RC2"


At 11:09 PM 6/1/97 -0700, Blake Ramsdell wrote:
I propose that the micalg parameter for multipart/signed messages with
the "application/pkcs7-signature" protocol be defined as pkcs7-md5 and
pkcs7-sha1 for the MD5 and SHA-1 digest algorithms respectively.  I
further propose that any future digest algorithms that are supported for
S/MIME keep the "pkcs7-" prefix.