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New version of the S/MIME draft

1997-07-05 11:16:16
And the other shoe drops. I've updated the S/MIME draft and submitted it to
the Internet Drafts editor. The draft is available at
<>. The changes are:


Changed the "FOO" from the previous draft back to RC2 and gave a
reference to the Internet Draft describing it. Added back the
OIDs for RC2 in Appendix A.

All of section 3 was completely replaced.

Updated the reference section to point to Internet Drafts for PKCS

Removed the reference to PKCS #9 in 2.5.1 by stating the syntax.

Removed signedAndEnveloped from the draft.


There are still many open issues. Further, no one has been paying much
attention to the -cert document, although certificates have proven to be
problematic for S/MIME developers. Comments on that draft are still
certainly appropriate.

--Paul E. Hoffman, Director
--Internet Mail Consortium

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