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application/mime - draft-crocker-wrap-02.txt

1997-07-24 22:46:15

        I have finally posted a revised version of the application/mime
specification for inclusion in the internet-drafts directory.  I completely
forgot about it, until reminded today.  All the changes are quite minor
(but necessary).  Some format changes.  Better ABNF.  Etc.

        On the matter of binary content-transfer-encoding, I've made no changes 
the specification until I understand the concern and the solution better.

        For those of an impatient nature, the document is accessible now from
<> and
<>, with the latter having the usual,
better format.

        Fire away.

Dave Crocker
Internet Mail Consortium                               +1 408 246 8253
675 Spruce Dr.                                    fax: +1 408 249 6205
Sunnyvale, CA 94086 USA              info(_at_)imc(_dot_)org ,

Member, interim Policy Oversight Committee

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