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Re: application/mime and binary data

1997-07-28 11:59:00
Paul Hoffman / IMC wrote:
I believe that the debate here is about outside parts, and whether the use
of application/mime allows an outside part to be binary. It sounds like I
should add a sentence to saying that application/mime messages
should already be in 7bit format, but if it isn't, it needs a c-t-e of
base64 or quoted-printable.

This proposed requirement appears to be vacuous.  "If it's not 7bit, it
needs to be transfer encoded in order to be transported over a 7bit
channel."  It doesn't address whether or not the content is permitted to
be arbitrary binary data.

If the content of an application/mime conforms to the requirements of
7bit data, then why is it wrapped up inside an application/mime in the
first place?