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Re: ESS-00 Receipt Requests

1997-12-03 12:52:12

I agree with you.  The authenticated attribute should be absent if no
receipts are desired.  To this end, the "none" option should be removed.

Given that, the "allOrNone" name should be changed....


At 04:17 AM 11/21/97 PST, Scott Hollenbeck wrote:
I think we have a situation with our current receipt request
syntax that leads to a bit of extra complexity.  Here's the

Suppose a message creator does not request a signed receipt.
Using the current syntax there are two ways to indicate this

1. Do not include a receiptRequest attribute, or
2. Add a receiptRequest attribute, setting the value
of receiptsFrom->allOrNone to noReceipt.

In the MSP world we don't have the luxury of option number
1, so we used the noReceipt value to indicate that a receipt
isn't requested.  I don't think we need to support a noReceipt
value in S/MIME to indicate that a receipt isn't requested
because option #1 provides a clearer and easier to process

Having made that argument, I propose that we alter the ESS
syntax as follows:

ReceiptsFrom ::= CHOICE {
 allOrFirstTier  [0] AllOrFirstTier, -- formerly "allOrNone [0]AllOrNone",
 receiptList     [1] SEQUENCE OF GeneralNames }

AllOrFirstTier ::= INTEGER { -- Formerly AllOrNone
-- Remove noReceipt and move the other values up by one.
 allReceipts          (0),
 firstTierRecipients  (1) }


Scott Hollenbeck (mailto: hollenbe(_at_)east(_dot_)xsis(_dot_)xerox(_dot_)com)
Xerox Special Information Systems
Arlington, Virginia, USA

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