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What email address format to use in subjectAltName (was RE: draft-ietf-smime-cert)

1997-12-17 15:52:52
On Wednesday, December 17, 1997 9:06 AM, 
[SMTP:Kent(_dot_)Lancaster(_at_)PWGSC(_dot_)GC(_dot_)CA] wrote:
i) mandating that the email address be an RFC-822 address closes the
door on future use of X.400 to transport S/MIME.  If the email address
*must* be in the certificate, subjectAltName allows it to be X.400 or

Yes, subjectAltName allows X.400, RFC-822, DNS host name, IP Address and
a cheese sandwich as valid name formats.  I'm not trying to trivialize
your position, I'm just showing the great flexibility that we are given
for naming.

Is the X.400 name useful in the certificate?  Definitely.  Is it useful
for Internet-transmitted mail (the scope of the current draft)?  I
personally don't think it is.

I certainly think that another certificate profile that deals with
transmitting S/MIME messages over X.400 would be interesting...  There
was at least one other person that had in mind some kind of S/MIME <->
X.400 world at the WG meeting.

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