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EMail address in KM certs (was RE: draft-ietf-smime-cert)

1997-12-17 15:56:38
On Wednesday, December 17, 1997 9:06 AM, 
[SMTP:Kent(_dot_)Lancaster(_at_)PWGSC(_dot_)GC(_dot_)CA] wrote:
ii) a question: for dual key pair architectures such as Entrust's is it
the intention to put the email addresses in both the signature
validation certificate and the encryption certificate?

This was the intention, but there was some discussion about this at the
WG meeting.  Opinions?

Basically, when encrypting a mail message, mail clients need to create
an association between a KM certificate and an email address.  The
easiest way to do this is to use the email address from the certificate.
 Arbitrary association is the most flexible way to do this, but is not
necessarily the most user friendly.

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