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Re: The address-in-certs issue

1997-12-20 16:39:17
At 08:17 AM 12/20/97 -0800, Kurt Stammberger wrote:
I know a lot of you are going to be at the RSA Conference in January, and
this seems to be an especially busy time for S/MIME. Would it be a good idea
to reserve a meeting room where all you S/MIME types can get together, maybe
at the Fairmont or the Masonic?

That's a nice offer on RSA's part, but I don't think we need it. The IETF
generally frowns on "side meetings" unless there is a core group of people
who really need to get together to break a logjam or something like that.
We don't have that situation in S/MIME, at least not yet. Our meeting in
Washington DC, just ten days ago, was very productive, and most people I
talked to came away feeling like good forward motion is being made.

The one area that I see potential weakness down the line is certs, but we
need to see what comes out of PKIX for CRS and CMP before we can do much
there, and that isn't expected to happen in the next two weeks.

Based on that, I'd say that a face-to-face next month is premature. If the
certs stuff bogs down after we get the next round of drafts from the PKIX
group, we might want to do one, but I tend to think the list is the best
place to have these kinds of discussions.

--Paul Hoffman, Director
--Internet Mail Consortium

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