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RE: More on Cert-03.txt and Msg-03.txt

1998-04-28 07:14:57

I have some responses in-line to Blake's calls for comments:

                     k.  Section 3.1, paragraphs 1-4.  Delete or

into an appendix.  Rationale:  verbiage seems to be editorial 
and/or expository in nature, but not technical per se.

I think that this jabber about DNs is not required -- this language
predates PKIX.  I recommend that it simply be deleted.  Comments?

[JSP: Agree that Section 3.1, paragraphs 1-4 should be deleted.]

                             (2)  Paragraph 1, line 10.  Change
to "maximum allowable".  Rationale:  to promote interoperability 
despite the v3 extensions "curse," and so that verbiage agrees 
with the first sentence in paragraph # 3.

The first sentence in paragraph # 3 does not preclude the inclusion of
other extensions, but says that if you put them in you SHOULD NOT mark
them as critical.  The idea is that a v3 S/MIME application may not
understand extensions that are not profiled here, so marking them as
critical will make the receiving agent choke, even though it may be a
compliant S/MIME v3 agent.

I don't want to limit the use of new extensions that may be useful in an
S/MIME environment by saying that this set is the "maximum allowable".
However soft that language may be, it is still discouraging.  Comments?

[JSP: I agree with Blake.]

                     q.  Section 4.4.3.  How should the "subject
name extension" be marked?

Good question.  Comments?  I recommend critical.  Same goes for

[JSP: I disagree with these comments.  The S/MIME CERT I-D should minimize
the requirements that it places on the construction of certificates.  The
CERT I-D does not need to state whether subjectAltName or basicConstraints
must be critical.  PKIX I provides this information.  The S/MIME CERT I-D
should not duplicate or contradict what is in PKIX I.]

- John Pawling

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