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RE: Receipt Request Attribute

1999-05-12 10:21:59

I had forgotten about the text in section 1.3.4 -- I agree that would
disallow the placment in a receipt request in a counter signature.

I also agree that I don't have a reason for doing receipt requests in
counter signatures, but I have also learned never to underestimate the
things needed by somebody in the market that I have never heard of and will
hopefully never hear from.   Given that the question was being asked I made
the assumption that Tom had some type of requirement that might require this
type of behavior.


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I respectfully disagree with Jim's reply to Tom's message.

First, ESS Section 1.3.4, Placement of Attributes, states: "The only
attributes that are allowed in a counterSignature attribute are 
counterSignature, messageDigest, signingTime, and
signingCertificates."  This means that receiptRequest attributes are
not allowed to be carried in a counterSignature attribute.

Second, IMHO, it does not make sense to request a signedReceipt for
a counterSignature.  A signedReceipt is intended to prove that a
recipient received and was able to verify the signature of the
message sent by the signer.  What would a signedReceipt prove 
for a counterSignature since the thing that is signed is not
a message, it is the originator's signature of the original message???

I do not believe that we should change ESS to allow receiptRequests 
to be included in counterSignature attributes.

- John Pawling


My opinion on this would be:

1.  A CounterSignature can contain a receipt request.
2.  The receipt request on the original SignedData and the receipt receipt
on the CounterSignature can be different.  The requirement is that all
receipt requests in a SignerInfo sequence be the same and a CounterSigner
has a different SignerInfo sequence


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I would appreciate clarification on the following with respect to the
Receipt Request attribute:

1.    May a CounterSignature contain a receipt request?

2.    If so, MUST all receipt requests in a SignedData be identical?  The
spec specifies that all Receipt Requests be identical.  Is it the intent
that CounterSignatures containing a receipt request MUST also be identical
with other receipt requests if it exists?  I don't see why each
countersignature can not have a different receipt request.


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