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Triple Wrapping Survey

2000-03-06 17:21:36
I have a few questions for implementors. First some background, then the questions.

The use of S/MIMEv3 Triple Wrapping leads to the incorporation of four MIME encodings. If each of these encodings uses Base64, then the overhead is huge. I am interested in ways to reduce the overhead, hopefully without hurting IMAP usability.

1.  Can your implementation handle
        MIME( SignedData (EnvelopedData (SignedData ( MIME ))) ?

The outer SignedData has the OID for EnvelopedData in the content type, not id-data.
The EnvelopedData has the OID for SignedData in the content type, not id-data.
The inner Signed Data has the id-data OID in the content type.

2. Can your implementation handle MIME without Base64 encoding? I am interested in using "binary" instead of Base64 to reduce the overhead.


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