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RE: Triple Wrapping Survey

2000-03-10 00:17:41
Hi Russ,

I agree that S/MIMEv3 should minimize Base64 encoding when possible. As I
understand MIME, all implementations should handle binary as this is the
default unless otherwise specified.

There are some known existing implemenations which cannot correctly handle the
binary versions.  I do not know any longer how wide spread these versions are.


Aram Perez

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Subject: Triple Wrapping Survey

I have a few questions for implementors.  First some background, then the 


The use of S/MIMEv3 Triple Wrapping leads to the incorporation of four MIME

encodings.  If each of these encodings uses Base64, then the overhead is 
huge.  I am interested in ways to reduce the overhead, hopefully without 
hurting IMAP usability.

1.  Can your implementation handle
      MIME( SignedData (EnvelopedData (SignedData ( MIME ))) ?

The outer SignedData has the OID for EnvelopedData in the content type, not

The EnvelopedData has the OID for SignedData in the content type, not
The inner Signed Data has the id-data OID in the content type.

2.  Can your implementation handle MIME without Base64 encoding?  I am 
interested in using "binary" instead of Base64 to reduce the overhead.


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