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Enter The I Love/Hate SpamMail Opinion Poll -Pro Leads 3-1

2000-07-27 12:56:01

    A Poll is being taken to settle the issue whether 
commercial e-mail or SPAM is a good form of advertisement, 
which you would like more of or it's a bad form of 
advertisement which you are against.

The arguments go more or less as follows:

     Commercial E-mail is a very efficient, cost effective means 
of informing people about new goods and services. This translates
into substantial savings to the consumer. That the vast majority 
of internet users don't mind Spam and want to hear about new 
goods and services.  
     That for Years now, more advanced bulk mailing software 
has allowed bulk mailers to shoulder the full cost of Spamming. 
This cost has increased and access has become much more difficult 
due to unfair and illegal practices by the big providers (the 
later day Robber Barons) Who have a vested interest in keeping 
Costs and Profits high for as long as possible, and with the news 
media with whom most have formed alliances, have and continue 
to wage a war of misinformation, deceptions, and out and out lies.  
     That through an unholy alliance with, individuals 
and companies have been targeted by cyber terrorists who have 
attacked their equipment, programming and subjected people to 
threats of violence by posting personal information on these 
legitimate companies employees and individuals home addresses, 
phone numbers, which leads to threats against them, there 
families and children.  
     Lastly, that the Robber Barons (Big Internet Providers) use 
special identification programs in their efforts to stop free 
trade that invades the privacy of all individuals by identifying, 
reading, and then determining whether or not you will get your 
mail or not (ask yourself this question, if AOL or SPRINT or AT&T 
or MicroSoftNetwork, (MSN), sent someone to your house to 
intercept your mail, open it, read it, and then arbitrarily 
decide whether they will put it in your mail box or not. Would 
you put up with that?)  They call it filtering, we know it by 
its more insidious name, CENSORSHIP.  

Why in the world should you be subjected to this, and have to pay 
higher prices !  

Anti SPAM:

     Anti Spam arguments go something like this:
They don't like it.  
     Some genuinely want to be isolated fromthe world, others it 
seems are simply being mislead.   Spammers steal services and 
don't really pay for access, Spammers are evil because the big, 
rich, powerful, largeinternet service providers say so, and it's 
OK to targetthem for all kinds of bad things, legal or not.  
They don't like it. 
     And would rather have themselves and consumers everywhere 
continue to pay high inflated pricesso that the Robber Barons 
may grow even richer and morepowerful.  
     And finally, much like the Nazi's final solution to the 
Jewish problem, they are willing to act as the RobberBaron's 
Gestapo, ready to report for termination any Spammers or Spam 

SIMPLE SOLUTION: Press the delete key, STUPID !

Have a different opinion, give us a call because, your 
opinion on how to make this kind of advertisement better & 
to increase its use, is vital. Or if this is a terrible 
form of advertisement and how it should be curtailed, 
regulated or ended all together.

    Please call, 1-900-226-0388 and tell us.

   The charges for registering your opinion are as follows:
Of the $1.99 per minute charge, 
1-dollar goes to the telephone service Bureau 
19 cents to retrieve your opinion
79 cents to transcribe this information into a viable format
Leaving a total of 2 cents.
   So do call if you wish to get your 2 cents worth in !

Attention both Pro and Anti Spam Advocates and those of you who 
may have sought removal from any number of bulk mailing lists.  
If you have received this e-mail it is because it is a conscious 
decision on our part to try and include everyone in this important 
poll. To not have included those who profess a dislike for this 
form of advertisement would have eliminated those individuals 
from the process and provide an unfair advantage to one side of 
the poll. We sincerely hope that all interested individuals or 
entity's understand the necessity of inclusion.


 This message is sent in compliance of the proposed 
 bill: SECTION 301. 
 Per Section 301, Paragraph (a)(2)(C) of S. 1618, 
 further transmissions to you by the sender of this 
 email may be stopped at no cost to you by sending a 
 reply to this email address with the word remove in 
 the subject line. This message is not intended for 
 residents in the State of Washington, screening of 
 addresses has been done to the best of our technical 
 ability. If you are a Washington, Virginia, or 
 California resident or otherwise wish to be removed 
 from this list, further transmissions to you by the 
 sender of this email may be stopped at no cost to you 
 by sending a reply to   mstrsrvcs(_at_)mailme(_dot_)org 
 with the word remove in the subject line. 



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