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Comments on draft-ietf-smime-cms-rsaes-oaep-01.txt

2000-07-30 15:14:36
Section 1 Paragraph 4:  Spelling error on interactibe.

Section 2 Paragraph 2: Remove last instance of "[CMS]" as it is not

Section 2.1 Paragraph 3: Delete or reword this paragraph as it is not
correct.  originatorInfo may be present due to other recipient infos.

Section 3 Paragraph 5 (maskGenFunc): MFG1 should be changed to MFG1SHA1 or
all references to it using SHA1 should be replaced with references to it
using a OWF.

Section 3 Paragraph 5: Is SHA1 to be the one and only OWF supported here or
are others permitted.  Text is not clear on this issue.

Section 3 Paragaraph 5 and 6:  Why are you requiring that incorrectly
encoded (i.e. the default value is supplied) be recognized? "... recognize
both id-sha1 and absent..."

Section 4 Paragraph 1: Spelling error "SEQUNCEs"

Please add ASN module to the end.  (I am just lazy.)

jim schaad

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