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2000-12-05 12:19:07

The freeware Certificate Management Library (CML), S/MIME Freeware Library
(SFL), Access Control Library (ACL), Enhanced SNACC ASN.1 freeware and
Cryptographic Token Interface Libraries (CTIL) developed by Getronics
Government Solutions are now available from the following web pages:

SFL and CTILs: <>

CML: <>

ACL: <>

Enhanced SNACC ASN.1 Freeware:

**NEW CML RELEASE**: The CML files available from
<> are a new release.  The v1.81
CML release fixes bugs in the v1.8 CML as documented in the v1.8 CML Problem
Report file.  

With the exception of the CML files, there are no significant differences
between the files available from the Getronics Government Solutions web
pages and those that were formerly available from the Fortezza Developers
Web Site <>.

We welcome all feedback regarding these freeware security libraries.

John Pawling, John(_dot_)Pawling(_at_)GetronicsGov(_dot_)com
Getronics Government Solutions, LLC

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