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RE: I-D ACTION:draft-ietf-smime-x400transport-00.txt

2000-12-05 14:20:31

The id-data content type should NOT be used to identify a CMS content in an X.400 envelope. I assigned the id-ct-contentInfo OID for this purpose.

I am trying to make id-data a useful identifier. If we use it for too many things, it will not help anyone determine how to process a content.


At 10:41 AM 11/16/2000 +0000, Graeme Lunt wrote:

> The CMS contentInfo uses id-data when the content is expected to be
> MIME.  This choice is for historical reasons (S/MIME v2 did
> it that way).
> I think that the authors are trying to avoid a layer of MIME
> encapsulation.

Yes - I can see that you would want to avoid this.

> Did I miss something?

My comment was a little different.

What is being proposed is that the OID id-data must be used for the
X.400 content type when the CMS object is covered by an outer MIME

However, a more generic option is to use an OID (say "id-mime") for
the X.400 content type that represents MIME.
Using this content type I could still carry my MIME wrapped CMS object,
but I could also carry other arbitray MIME objects. For example, I
could carry multipart/signed with this method.

In fact, thinking about it a little more, does the draft as it stands
actually allow me to do this? If I use id-data as the content-type,
MUST the content be a MIME wrapped CMS object? Could it just be arbitrary

This would certainly be a useful feature.


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