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RE: Comments on draft-ietf-smime-x400wrap-03

2001-08-16 05:52:06


Fine. I think that Blake will need to expand his discussion to pick up all of the details that are no longer in RFC2630bis and CMSALG.


At 09:20 PM 8/14/2001 -0400, Bonatti, Chris wrote:

I think that referencing son-of-MSG would be best, since the protection is really targeted at the same kind of functional use... e-mail. It's just a different e-mail.

I'll take a look at Blake's draft and see whether I can propose some text.


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Correct.  At the face-to-face meeting in London last week, there was strong
consensus that the CMS not specify any mandatory to implement
algorithms.  I just sent of the revised I-Ds to implement this
decision.  As a result, all protocols that employ the CMS MUST specify
their mandatory to implement algorithms.  However, in this case, x400wrap
may want to reference the son-of-rfc 2632 and son-of-rfc 2633 documents to
ensure comparability.


At 10:29 AM 8/8/2001 +0100, Jim Schaad wrote:
> > 1.  Is it intentional that there is no section on content encryption
> > algorithms for MUSTs?
>Yes.  From the beginning, the model for this draft was RFC 2633.  We
>dealt with this only in the "options" for CMS, and what it says has
>crept in through various comments.
>I would be content to say nothing about algorithms in WRAP, and leave
>the topic to CMS (Son-of-CMS).  However, I don't think the division is
>easy to make cleanly.
>[JLS]  With the most recent change of omitting algorithms from CMS, this
>section is now required both here and in the message draft.