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RE: WG Last Call: cmsalg

2001-08-20 12:00:46

A few notes on Jim's comments.

At 10:39 PM -0700 8/19/01, Jim Schaad wrote:
1.  Introduction:  CMSALG cannot have a protocol requirement on CMS.  Please
lowercase MAY statements in the first paragraph of the introduction.

Disagree. The "MAY" vs "may" here indicates references into this document, not external documents. By using "MAY", this is made clearer.

3.  Section 3.2: The paragraph "CMS implentations that support ..." should
be removed.  This is a protocol statement on CMS not CMSALGs.

Disagree. This paragraph shows a linkage between RSA and SHA-1, which is perfectly reasonable.

8.  Section 4.4, Para 2:  This contains a MUST on CMS.  It needs to be

Disagree for same reason above.

--Paul Hoffman, Director
--Internet Mail Consortium