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Re: WG Last Call: rfc2630bis and cmsalg

2001-08-21 09:30:22


The point being made was that CMSALG does not include any of the other algorithms specifications, just how to use them in the CMS context. And, the key wrap algorithm will be useful in other contexts.


Sean P. Turner wrote:

I can see if you're going to break out one set of "algorithm" information you
should break out the other.  I just want to know where the "map" is that is
going to tell me which parts of the 5 drafts I need to make sure get
implemented ;)


"Housley, Russ" wrote:

> I have received a request to move the key wrap algorithms to a document of
> their own.  Do others think that this is a good idea or a bad idea?
> Russ

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