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S/MIME support in X.400

2001-08-30 05:46:22
Hello everybody,
                I am Vijay Hegde from Digital Globalsoft Limited ( formerly
known as Digital India). Currently our team is exploring the possibility of
S/MIME support in X.400. We are closely following the S/MIME discussion and
drafts at IETF.  
                I have a couple of queries regarding
1.What is the ASN.1 syntax used for representing a S/MIME content ? For IPM,
the ASN.1 syntax is defined in X.420. For EDI, the syntax is X.435. Are
there any similar representations defined for S/MIME content ?
2. We use XAPI defined by X/OPEN to build the messages. Are there any
OID's/integer value defined to represent S/MIME content. i.e. the value for
MH_T_CONTENT_TYPE. Also, are you aware of any plans on behalf of X/OPEN to
support S/MIME, these drafts ?
Thanks in advance,
Vijay Hegde
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