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RE: S/MIME support in X.400

2001-08-30 09:02:58

I have a couple of queries regarding

1.What is the ASN.1 syntax used for representing a S/MIME content ? For
the ASN.1 syntax is defined in X.420. For EDI, the syntax is X.435. Are
any similar representations defined for S/MIME content ?

You will find the ASN.1 syntax in RFC 2630 (CMS) and RFC 2634 (ESS)

2. We use XAPI defined by X/OPEN to build the messages. Are there any 
OID's/integer value defined to represent S/MIME content. i.e. the value
MH_T_CONTENT_TYPE. Also, are you aware of any plans on behalf of X/OPEN to

support S/MIME, these drafts ?

Here are the definitions are you might see them in the X/APIs. 
They are aligned with the latest draft.

/* Content Identifiers */
#define OMP_O_MM_CTO_CMS
#define OMP_O_MM_CTO_MIMECMS          "\x2A\x86\x48\x86\xF7\x0D\x01\x07\x01"

You want to use the first for S/MIME wrapped X.400 content.

I don't know of X/OPEN doing anything to specifically support CMS. 
The above definitions, with a binary content, is sufficient (at least for


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