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The ECC Document and the IESG

2001-12-21 10:00:30


During discussions last week at the IETF meeting, there were hallway discussions about whether the ECC algorithms document can be implemented without infringing on patents (or yet-to-be-issued patents). During these hallway discussions, it became clear to me that the known patent holders are unable to make a statement that either confirms or denies the ability to create unencumbered ECC implementations.

As a result of this situation, I suggested that the ECC algorithms document be published as an Informational RFC.

The IESG met yesterday, and they discussed the ECC algorithms document. Jeff Schiller explained the situation, and he explained desire for publication as an Informational RFC. However, in my original request to the IESG, I had asked for publication as a Standards Track document. This contradiction raised the question, "Does the WG know?"

I am sending this note to make sure that all concerned are aware of the situation. This is also the time for anyone that thinks the ECC algorithms document should be published on the Standards Track to speak up. If I do not hear objections by 2 January 2002, I will assume that publication of the ECC algorithms document as an Informational RFC is acceptable.


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