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Problems with ciphered e-mail messages

2002-10-25 03:49:08
Hi folks,

 I've detected the follow strange behaviour with Outlook Express (and maybe all 
e-mail applications) and ciphered messages with key public certificates (KPC):

 I want to send a message wich is ciphered using the KPC of the destined 
person. The out mail server (smtp) is configured to add all outing messages a 
footer (like one is added to the end of this messages) with data of my company 
like company name, address, phone, etc. When the message is received by the 
destined person, it is open whith Outlook Express (several releases are tested) 
and this message can't be shown. Instead, a message with the footer is shown in 
the body's message and a file is attached with name "smime.p7m". The content of 
this file is ciphered and can't be shown.

I think the problem is that the message is locally ciphered in the host, and 
then this ciphered message is modified when the mail server add the footer. 
When the client mail application tries to open it at the destination, it detect 
that  the original ciphered message was modified and don't show the ciphered 

Am I wrong?

If I'm rigth I have some questions:

1.- Doesn't the mail client application be able to show the message ciphered 

2.- How can I see the message ciphered part.

3.- Does this behaviour mean that e-mail securited with KPC and this kind of 
service provided by the mail servers (addition of  footer) are incompatibles?

4.- Is there any way to solve this and to allow all ciphered messages with 
footers can be shown in the client mail application?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards.
Miguel A. Díaz

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