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BobPrivRSAEncrypt spuriosity

2003-04-29 13:49:14

In examples-10, the dump of the data for BobPrivRSAEncrypt includes the

 643 31    4:       SET {
 645 03    2:         BIT STRING 0 unused bits
            :           '00001000'B (bit 3)
            :           Error: Spurious zero bits in bitstring.
            :         }

As far as I can tell, the actual encoding for this BIT STRING is:

03 02 00 10

Which I believe is "zero unused bits at the end of 0001 0000".  In DER
encoding, I believe that this is an encoding violation.  In BER,
however, I believe this encoding is valid.

I don't think it's a problem -- Paul mentioned it to me, and I'm
pointing it out here in case there's something that needs to be changed.
I think it's a benign warning from the ASN.1 tool.

Blake Ramsdell | Brute Squad Labs | 

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