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Re: I-D ACTION:draft-ietf-smime-aes-alg-07.txt

2003-06-02 07:30:38

A few minor editorial comments:

1. I'm seeing way too many blank lines in the middle of
   paragraphs (maybe it's just my browser).

2. In section 1 Overview, the Distinguished Encoding Rules 
   reference (DER) is given as X.509-88.  Was X.209-88 meant instead?

3. Maybe this is just a stylistic nit in my part, but the
   first paragraph or two of section 2.2 is just a repeat
   of [CMS].  Would a statement like:

     "See [CMS] section 6.2.1 for details of selecting
      the proper KeyTransRecipientInfo version value."

   be sufficient?  

4. In section 2.2  KeyTransRecipientInfo Fields, the next to
   last paragraph reads:

     "The KeyTransRecipientInfo keyEncryptionAlgorithm field 
      specifies the key transport algorithm (i.e. RSAES-OAEP [RSA-OAEP]), 
      and the associated parameters used to encrypt the CEK for 
      the recipient."

   In the parenthetical comment, use of "i.e." implies--to me at least--
   that RSAES-OAEP is the only key transport algorithm.  I think "e.g." 
   would better indicate RSAES-OAEP is one of several algorthims
   that might be used (RSAES-OAEP, PKCS#1v1.5).  

5. In section 4.1  Algorithm Identifiers and Parameters,
   it would be nice to see an initial definition of the
   "aes" identifier:

      aes OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { joint-iso-itu-t(2) country(16) 
                                  us(840) organization(1) gov(101) 
                                  csor(3) nistAlgorithms(4)  1 } 

   *before* it gets referenced in other OID definitions.  I know 
   it's given in Appendix A, but it couldn't hurt to see it in the 
   text of section 4.1 as well.  

   Related to this, the definition in the appendix has a spurious 
   trailing underscore after the "csor(3)" part:

      aes OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { joint-iso-itu-t(2) country(16) us(840) 
                   organization(1) gov(101) csor(3)_ nistAlgorithms(4)  1 } 

That's all (for now),


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