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RE: Signed Receipts and Mail Lists

2003-06-25 01:18:42

I'm not sure that the MLA returns a receipt on behalf of the
ML members. 

OK - if an MLA should not return signed receipts then there is not a
problem with my scenario. 

I looked through ESS again and I couldn't find anything that
said if a  message enters an MLA with a signed receipt request that it

shouldn't or should return a receipt.    

Is an MLA considered a "receiving agent"/"receiving
software"/"processing software" in section 2.3 of ESS? I had assumed
that it was but agree it is unclear.

Typically (I think), originators want to know that the final recipient
the message not whether the MLA got it.

I think there are arguments for both. If an originator sends a message


the originator probably only wants to know that it got to the complaints
department at bigbank. The originator doesn't want to know (and bigbank
doesn't want to let the originator know) which individuals within
bigbank read the message.

Then again maybe I didn't understand your scenario.

I don't think the originator needs to understand if the addresses they
are requesting signed receipts from are address lists or not. If an
originator sends a message to two recipients - one a mail list, one an
individual - and requests first tier signed receipts, they will never
receive a signed receipt from the mail list recipient. The user may find
this unexpected. Correlation software *may* be able to detect a mail
list recipient and handle it appropriately.


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