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RE: proposed addition to application/pkcs7-mime smime parameter

2003-06-27 22:17:33


I see a few ways to proceed, in my personal preference order:

1. Commit to the current direction of using the MSG draft to 
define how to use MIME with everything in CMS, as well as 
providing a constrained subset of CMS for the purpose of 
interpersonal messaging.

2. Don't put anything in MSG at all that doesn't have to do 
with interpersonal messaging, but leave what's there (the 
definition of the application/pkcs7-mime and the currently 
used smime-types).  Any additional smime-type values are 
defined outside of the MSG draft.

3. Separate everything that has to do with the MIME wrapping 
of CMS objects into its own draft (CMS/MIME), and don't 
discuss anything about interpersonal messaging at all.  The 
MSG draft simply contains references to the CMS/MIME draft, 
and is a profile of it.  This is somewhat like the separation 
of CMS and CMSALG, I think.

I will admit that my preference order is influenced by my 
role as the editor, and the desire to see MSG progress sooner 
rather than later.

I have one argument for varient 3 that I just thought of that might be
overwelming at a later date, but certiantly not currently.  If SIP is
dependent on the CMS/SMIME/Messaging draft, and we update that draft for
a messaging only item, then SIP gets reset on its progression path as
well.  I don't think this is an immeadiate issue, but something to
consider in the future.

If we go with the version 1 draft, then we should perhaps look at
reorginaizing the draft along the lines of looking like a profile of a
previously defined item rather than having items intermixed.  I have not
looked at the documents to see how intermixed messaging is with the
document and will do so later this weekend.