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RE: I-D ACTION:draft-ietf-smime-rfc3369bis-00.txt

2004-03-16 18:49:58

Steve is correct.  The change was made by adding the OtherCertFormat data
type to section 10.2.2.

However I think that it is easier for people to find if the section number
is included in the changes section.


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Paul Hoffman / IMC wrote:

At 4:58 PM -0500 3/16/04, Russ Housley wrote:


Yes, we are making another round of updates to CMS.  I expect them to 
be very minor.  The changes are described in Section 1.2, which says:

   This document obsoletes RFC 3369 [CMS2].  As discussed above, RFC
   3369 introduced an extension mechanism to support new key management
   schemes without further changes to the CMS.  This document introduces
   a similar extension mechanism to support additional certificate
   formats for the verification of digital signatures without further
   changes to the CMS.  Backward compatibility with both RFC 2630 and
   RFC 3369 is preserved.

Maybe I'm being blind, but *where* is that extension mechanism 
introduced in the new document? Listing it explicitly in this 
introductory material would help the reader (or at least me...).

Presumably the CertificateChoices type mentioned in 10.2.2 and its use in


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