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RE: SMIME Capabilities in X.509 Certificates

2004-06-17 21:23:54

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Subject: SMIME Capabilities in X.509 Certificates

It would thus improve the situation if CAs, especially enterprise CAs,
that knows or even have the capability to dictate the capabilities of
users, could include the PKCS#9 SMIMECapabilities attribute in

OK, so as far as I can tell, what's being asked is as follows:

* Modification of the ietf-smime charter to allow for the discussion of
a profile of the SMIME Capabilities extension to be included in X.509

* The actual discussion of such a thing on the ietf-smime mailing list

* Creation of one or more drafts to summarize the consensus, ultimately
resulting in one or more RFCs in the S/MIME working group

This all sounds like stuff we can do. If there's something I'm missing,
someone point it out, otherwise it seems reasonable to undertake this
work in the working group.

One other thing we should probably discuss is whether or not this effort
has any impact on S/MIME message processing, and if we need to address


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