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Re: Charter Modification

2004-09-01 12:22:26

Thanx Craig,
I was not aware of the mailsig (WG?) list.   That means this
is outside of the S/MIME charter I suppose?

BTW, here is a "competitor":

What I have seen little of, is how this can scale without having
a gateway PKI in place.  Peer-to-peer certification does not seem
like a terribly good idea.

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From: Craig McGregor
To: Anders Rundgren
Cc: Sean P. Turner ; SMIME
Sent: Tuesday, August 31, 2004 23:23
Subject: RE: Charter Modification


I wasn't at the BOF you mentioned but as I understand it the BOF was scoped for 
signing/authenticating e-mail.
Draft Charter:

S/MIME gateways could use all existing S/MIME specifications and not be limited 
to only signing outbound e-mail. e.g. Encryption
over the untrusted networks that transports messages between domains that might 
otherwise have some level of trust.

I would also like to see an interoperable S/MIME Gateway||Domains||Entities 
standard or specification. I have had some past
experience at making a limited set of S/MIME gateway software talk to each 
other reliably. This was more challenging at that time
than it should have been.

S/MIME Gateway signing and encryption is quite possible in a closed-community 
of domains today - example:
(Since November 2000)

If it was possible to solve key management, PKI trust and legacy 
interoperability (including mailing-list behaviour) using something
that scales to an open community then an S/MIME gateway approach could 
certainly work in the open community. Solving all three of
these problems isn't necessarily easy.


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To: Sean P. Turner; SMIME
Subject: Re: Charter Modification

How about including a S/MIME gateway task?
The OpenGroup and Blake B are reportedly working on such a thing.

What happened with the gateway BOF that Phill H-B wrote about sometime ago?

An S/MIME gateway standard is really needed as S/MIME end-to-end encryption is 
not going anywhere.

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From: Sean P. Turner
Sent: Tuesday, August 31, 2004 01:41
Subject: Charter Modification


To include Stefan's work in the working group we need to modify the working 
group's charter (we also needed to update the dates
anyway because some are way off).  Attached is the proposed modification.  
Please respond with any comments by  Friday.



S/MIME Mail Security (smime)

     Sean Turner <turners(_at_)ieca(_dot_)com>
     Blake Ramsdell <blake(_at_)sendmail(_dot_)com>

Security Area Director:
     Russ Housley <housley(_at_)vigilsec(_dot_)com>
     Steve Belovin <smb(_at_)research(_dot_)att(_dot_)com>

Security Area Advisor:
     Russ Housley <housley(_at_)vigilsec(_dot_)com>

Mailing Lists:
     General Discussion: ietf-smime(_at_)imc(_dot_)org
     To Subscribe:       ietf-smime-request(_at_)imc(_dot_)org

Description of Working Group:

The S/MIME Working Group has completed a series of Proposed Standards that 
comprise the S/MIME version 3.1 specification. As part of
the specification update, a new suite of "mandatory to implement" algorithms 
was be selected. Current efforts update and build upon
these base specifications.

The Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS) (RFC 3852) is cryptographic algorithm 
independent, yet there is always more than one way to
use any algorithm. To ensure interoperability, each algorithm should have a 
specification that describes its use with CMS.
Specifications for the use of additional cryptographic algorithms will be 

To aid implementers, documents containing example output for CMS will be 
collected and published. Some of the examples will include

structures and signed attributes defined in the Enhanced SecurityServices (ESS) 
(RFC 2634) document.

CMS, as well as S/MIME version 3 and later, permit the use of previously 
distributed symmetric key-encryption keys. Specifications
for the distribution of symmetric key-encryption keys to multiple message 
recipients will be developed. Mail List Agents (MLAs)
areone user of symmetric key-encryption keys. The specification will be 
algorithm independent.

To aid initial determination of recipient's cryptographic capabilities a 
specification will be developed allowing S/MIME
capabilities to be stored and asserted in X.509 certificates based on the X.509 
certificate and CRL profile developed by the PKIX
Working Group.

The working group will perform necessary interoperability testing to rogress 
the CMS and S/MIME specifications to Draft Standard.
The CMS specification depends on the RFC 3280. This profile must progress to 
Draft Standard before CMS and the other S/MIME
specifications can progress to Draft Standard. Assuming timely progress by the 
PKIX Working Group, the S/MIME specification can
start progressing to Draft Standard in 2005.


     Submit CMS compressed data content type a Proposed Standard.
     Submit security label usage specification as Informational RFC.
     Submit elliptic curve algorithm specification as Informational RFC.
     Submit update to CMS as a Proposed Standard.
     Submit CMS Algorithms as a Proposed Standard.
     Submit AES key wrap algorithm description as Informational RFC.
     Last call on X.400 CMS wrapper specification.
     Last call on X.400 transport specification.
     Last call on HMAC key wrap description specification.
     Last call on RSA OAEP algorithm specification.
     Last call on AES algorithm specification.
     Last call on update to MSG.
     First draft of update to CERT.
     First draft of CMS and ESS examples document.
     First draft of S/MIME version 3.1 interoperability matrix.
     First draft of RSA PSS algorithm specification.
     Submit mail list key distribution as a Proposed Standard.
     Submit HMAC key wrap description as Proposed Standard.
     Submit RSA OAEP algorithm specification as a Proposed Standard.
     Sumbit AES algorithm specification as Proposed Standard.
     Submit X.400 CMS wrapper specification as a Proposed Standard.
     Submit X.400 transport as a Proposed Standard.
     Last call on CMS and ESS examples document.
     Sumbit update to CERT as Proposed Standard.
     Sumbit update to MSG as Proposed Standard.
     First draft of RSA KEM algorithm specification.
     Last call on RSA PSS algorithm specification.
     Submit RSA PSS algorithm specification as Proposed Standard

September 04
     Submit CMS and ESS examples document as Informational RFC
     First draft of S/MIME Capabilities Certificate Extension

October 04
     Working Group Last Call for S/MIME Capabilities Certificate Extension

December 04
     Submit S/MIME Capabilities Certificate Extension as Informational RFC

January 05
     Final S/MIME version 3.1 interoperability matrix

February 05
     Request advancement of CMS Algorithms to Draft Standard
     Request advancement of CMS to Draft Standard
     Request advancement of ESS to Draft Standard
     Request advancement of CERT to Draft Standard
     Request advancement of MSG to Draft Standard
     Last call on RSA KEM algorithm specification

January 06
     Submit RSA KEM algorithm specification as Proposed Standard

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