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Re: draft-housley-binarytime-00.txt

2004-09-16 14:19:07


Again, you have focused on the signing -time attribute, not other possible uses for BnaryTime.


> >    Third, date comparison is very easy with BinaryTime.  Integer
> >    comparison is easy, even when multi-precision integers are involved.
> >    Date comparison with UTCTime or GeneralizedTime can be complex when
> >    the two values to be compared are provided in different time zones.
> >
> >There are no time zones involved in the signingTime attribute.
> >One change in RFC 3369 vs 2630 to uppercase the MUST.
> Signing-time is not the only possible use of BinaryTime.  It is the one
> specified in the document.  However, if the ASN.1 type is useful, then it
> will start appearing in other places. This would be an indication that the
> Experimental RFC is useful.

You don't address what I have said. You indicate that time zone
comparisons are difficult, but they do not even occur within the
existing signingTime attribute.