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Re: draft-housley-binarytime-00.txt

2004-09-17 08:53:44

Yes, I have an application. It is using BinaryTime in the content, and the desire is to use the same date/time format throughout the application.

The application itself is not ready for release to the IETF, and it may never be released to the IETF. However, please take a look at draft-housley-cms-fw-wrap. This has many properties in common with the application that is not yet ready for release. Basically, a content type is defined, and the use of CMS to protect that content type is specified. S/MIME is not used, only CMS.


At 07:15 AM 9/17/2004, Peter Sylvester wrote:

> Peter:
> You are asking about the signing-time signed attribute.
> My comments were about the use of BinaryTime in general.

You are not answering my questions. may I conclude that you have no
application at all at hand? if so, what is the experiment?

The proposed text concerns a a signing-time attribute.

> Russ
> At 09:13 AM 9/15/2004, Peter Sylvester wrote:
> > > Comparison of a date/time value in a protocol to the current time from the
> > > operating system seems very obvious to me.
> >
> >And that comparison should lead to what result? The signature is too old,
> >not yet valid? What application are you thinking about? secure NTP?