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Re: WG LAST CALL: draft-ietf-smime-gost-05.txt

2005-11-17 16:21:34

On Nov 17, 2005, at 2:13 PM, Turner, Sean P. wrote:
PS there is a companion GOST documents in PKIX
( and in
RFC editor's queue
( cpalgs-04.txt).

Are we going to run into another CMC / symkeydist situation here? That is, is gost-cppk going to get stuck for any reason in PKIX? I note that the last draft revision is 9/9/05 and I did not see anything to indicate that there is active discussion about this draft on the PKIX list.

Just firing a warning shot that cppk is a normative reference that will need to progress through PKIX before gost-05 can complete. Authors -- can you give a quick status update about this?

cpalgs looks pretty frictionless -- no missing normative references, and in the editor's queue.

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