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SignedAttribute for Mime-Type

2005-12-13 01:14:36


Are there any existing SignedAttributes that can be used to
specify the MIME-Type of the data being signed in a CMS
SignedData structure?

The data being signed must remain in binary form, it is too
large to do any type of text encoding such as base64, in order
to just specify S/MIME related MIME-Type text headers.

Unfortunately, I was unable to find any offical Attribute for
the MIME-Type, as maintained by IANA:

Currently, I am using a custom SignedAttributes with a private
OID from my corporate tree, in order to specify the MIME-Type
as an IA5String.

If no offical MIME-Type Attribute exists for use in CMS, then
I wish to formally propose one.

Thank you in advance,

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